Promoting a culture of nonviolence

Founded in 1984, the “Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion, Baden” – Workshop for Nonviolent Action – is a non-governmental, not-for-profit peace organisation and part of the global peace movement. The focus of our work is to support organisations, initiatives, groups and individuals that are interested in promoting a culture of nonviolence in their work and lives. As facilitators, trainers and consultants, part of our mission is, to support the social movements bringing about nonviolent, social change.

What we do:

We conduct trainings and seminars on a variety of topics related to nonviolence, nonviolent action and dealing with conflicts constructively. Our portfolio ranges from shorter trainings of a few hours to longer-term training courses that stretch over several months. Our three core training courses are on conflict mediation, consensus-based decision making and campaign-management. They entail 5 to 8 trainings modules of two training days each.

Need support conceptualizing or planning your campaign or political action? Are conflicts challenging the relationships within your political group? Are you struggling with a big decision that will shape the future of your organisation or initiative? Our trainers and facilitators consult during organisational development processes, facilitate meetings and mediate conflicts.

We also conceptualize, plan and carry out political actions and campaigns and we offer a variety of books on topics relating to nonviolence. You can order them online here.

Contact us:

If you would like to learn more about us or if you are interested in booking us for a training, a facilitation or mediation, contact us at info[at]

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Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion, Baden

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